The ability to persist in the face of challenges and setbacks, maintain long-term goals, and keep working towards them even when the going gets tough.

Who We Are
At GRIT fitness studio you will get personal attention to safely make progress towards a sustainable healthy body.

GRIT offers flexible membership packages allowing for 30 minutes, 45 minutes, and one-hour sessions over a time frame that allows clients to work at the pace that fits them best.

Located at 558 Halstead Ave, a few blocks from the Mamaroneck train station and a 5-minute ride from Harrison.
Unlock Your Potential
Embrace the power of grit and achieve greatness

One-on-One training for all ages

Small group training

Nutrition Consultations

Treatment room for supportive, integrative services including massage, acupuncture, and cupping

Exercise therapy programs for recovery from injuries

The most up to date equipment for strength training

Health and fitness talks from experts in their fields.

Manual equipment for highly functional training

Melissa Cherry

  • 558 Halstead Avenue, Mamaroneck, NY, USA
  •  Mon-Fri - 08:00-19:00